Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

HCL is a Colorado civil engineering firm that specializes in transportation, water, and site development.

Civil Engineering has been a primary emphasis of HCL since our inception. Our experience varies widely and we are continually challenged by interesting and diverse projects. This experience is beneficial to both our private and government sector clients. Development requirements have evolved and become more complex, requiring civil engineers to be more knowledgeable and experienced in environmental protection, government agency policy, development goals, building codes, review procedures, and processing.

Our professional staff prides itself on our positive working relationships with regulatory agencies, which benefits our clients by providing a smoother entitlement process. Our multidisciplinary staff provides a well-balanced scope of professional services, from land development and transportation systems to facilities and environmental engineering.

“Your attention to detail has been outstanding and I am convinced that you have saved us money as a result. I also appreciate you stepping in to assist our engineering firm in getting the final construction drawings approved. It is also clear that we are benefiting from the good relationship that you have with the subcontractors in the area. This is evident both in the pricing of certain segments of the job as well as your ability to keep the subcontractors happy…”

~ Rob Hall, President, Covenant Development Corporation

Civil Engineering Services
  • Road and intersection design
  • Engineering consulting
  • Site plan review
  • Utility master planning
  • Street construction and rehabilitation
  • Site engineering
  • Permit acquisition and process management
  • Computerized mapping of utilities, pavement and assessment parcels
  • Facility utilization
  • Parking and space allocation
  • Grading and drainage design
  • Water resources
  • Grading, drainage and flood control
  • Utilities master planning and design
  • Subdivision design
  • Street and highway design
  • Water and sewer systems
  • 3D (BIM) site design
  • Survey and mapping
  • Storm water management plans
  • Sustainable site design
  • Custom GIS applications



Transportation engineering is critical to HCL and people throughout Colorado. Rapid growth is impacting the state’s transportation network, with a population increase of approximately 10.5% since the 2010 census. We specialize in street and highway design in Colorado’s urban, rural, and mountain regions, making sure that the citizens of our beautiful state continue to drive on safe and well-designed roadways.

The most precious resource on the planet

Limited water supplies, a constantly shifting regulatory environment, aging infrastructure, funding constraints, and the needs of a growing population have placed unprecedented demands on our communities’ water and wastewater infrastructure. The future of the water industry will be both challenging and ever changing. From pumping to conveyance systems, HCL provides innovative and cost-effective planning, design, and construction solutions to meet our clients’ needs in today’s uncertain water environment.

We offer civil engineering and site development for public, private and institutional projects. HCL provides site design and civil engineering for construction of commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Our experienced professionals and technicians work one-on-one with clients and permitting agencies to develop designs that have no surprises.

The cost of construction, future maintenance, and user-friendly development are vital elements of all design projects. Clear, concise plans with attention to detail and easily understood by contractors, owners and inspectors are the results of our experienced client-oriented staff design teams. HCL offers a broad spectrum of civil engineering and site development services to public, private, and institutional clients including:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Civic/Municipal
  • Federal and Military
  • Office, Retail, Industrial
  • Recreation
  • Residential

With over 100 years of combined experience among our team leaders in delivering successful projects to our clients, we understand your business – its demands, its challenges, and its opportunities.



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