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DBJ 2023 Best Places to Work


DBJ 2023 Small Business Award Finalist copy






Welcome to the HCL Engineering & Surveying Awards Page!  LET’S CELEBRATE TOGETHER! Our awards page is a source of inspiration, showcasing the incredible feats we can accomplish through collaboration and the pursuit of excellence. We are excited to share our accomplishments with you.

At HCL, we believe that success is about more than just financial stability or business growth. It’s about building a team of passionate and dedicated professionals who share a common vision for excellence and are committed to delivering the highest quality work possible. It’s about creating a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and supported, and where their contributions are recognized and appreciated.

Success is also about building strong relationships with our clients and partners in the industry, based on trust, respect, and a mutual desire to achieve great things together. It’s about delivering exceptional service and exceeding expectations, time and time again.

But perhaps most importantly, success is about making a difference in the world around us. It’s about using our skills and expertise to help our community, and to make a positive impact on the world we live in. Whether it’s through supporting local charities, participating in community service projects, or simply being a responsible and ethical business, success for HCL is about leaving a lasting legacy of good.

Success is not just a destination; it’s a continuous journey that never ends. Our team is committed to the journey doing it together. We take great pride in the recognition we have received along the way. We are honored to have been awarded Best Firm to Work For, HOT Firm by Zweig, Denver Business Journal Small Business Award and the Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work. These accolades are a testament to our culture, values, and the dedication of every team member.

We celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of our team and look forward to even greater achievements in the future.