The Turner Construction Company and Flatiron Construction Corporation Joint Venture is leading a major expansion of Denver International Airport (DEN), adding gates, concessions, runways and taxiways. HCL was awarded the survey contract for construction staking on this multi-year project. DEN is undertaking massive renovations to increase security, introduce automated self-ticketing kiosks and other cutting edge upgrades, and to match their capacity with increased passenger traffic.

The project adds more than 530,000 square feet to Concourse A and 91,000 square feet to Concourse B. The expansion includes adding 16 aircraft gates, two international nodes with provisions for three more, and about 128,000 square yards of aircraft-rated pavement. Julian Sisneros, PLS, is leading the survey team for HCL. We are excited to be working with the Turner-Flatiron Joint Venture on this incredible airport expansion!