US36 BRT Highway Expansion

HCL provided the design and load rating of 14 new and existing bridges, retaining walls and box culverts per CDOT and AASHTO standards with deliverables from 30%, 60%, 90% through IFC documents.  This project is also a Federal aid project administered by CDOT, which has begun requiring all culverts be rated on large infrastructure improvement projects for both new and existing culverts affected by the project.  As part of the Design Build Team, constructability is also a main concern.  Hence, HCL is fully aware of what’s typically done and preferred for local construction techniques. HCL is also currently providing design survey on this project.

Project Facts
Client Denver RTD
Location Denver Metro Area
Services Provided Structural Engineering, Surveying
Project Description 18 Miles of Bus Rapid Transit
Architect HDR Inc
Contractor Ames Granit
Completion Date 2016
Construction Cost $243M