RTD North Metro Rail Line

The North Metro Rail Line consists of a new 18.5-mile long commuter rail line that will run from Denver Union Station through Commerce City, Thornton, and Northglenn to state Highway 7 in North Adams County. The first phase of the project consists of the first 13 miles from Union Station to 124th Avenue. RTD broke ground on the North Metro Rail Line in March 2014.

HCL was a subconsultant to the project’s design lead, Stantec. Our structural scope included the complete design, load rating, and/or independent design check of two bridge structures and nine box culverts. The design met all CDOT and RTD structural standards. Our survey scope included any supplemental design services along the rail line north of 100th Avenue. Services provided included supplementing existing aerial mapping of major roadway intersections with high-accuracy mapping. Our survey crew utilized all RTD standards throughout the project.


Project Facts
Client Denver RTD, Stantec
Location Denver, Commerce City, Thornton, Northglenn, CO
Services Provided Structural Engineering, Surveying
Project Description 13 Miles of New Commuter Rail Line
Architect N/A
Contractor Kiewit Construction
Completion Date 2018
Construction Cost $343M